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Ten Reasons We Shouldn't Bomb Syria

by WestOxon Greens Editor on 12/08/15

By Andy Wright - West Oxfordshire Green Party

The reasons I think bombing Syria is a huge mistake are as below:-

1.     They will kill women and children, Israel used the same technology in their latest ‘war’ with Palestine, they killed over 1,800 women and children out of a casualty number of around 2,000.

2.     Every person who is killed has friends and family around them. These people will be radicalised.

3.     Bombing destroys the infrastructure, schools, hospitals, houses, water systems, electric systems, etc, etc. Forcing people to live in quasi-building sites, like they do in Palestine.

4.     ISIS, or whatever they are called, recruit people because(IMHO) of the money and power the West have. Bombing just reinforces this view.

5.     There are better ways:-  Stop their Bank Accounts, stop them selling Oil, stop Arms getting to them, stop their propaganda. Why is this not happening?

6.     Bombing is VERY expensive; a single bomb can cost £800,000 – which is amazing to me. Most of these will be bombing sand. Why does our Government think it is better to spend money on a War rather than essential services?

7.     Will we be safer, declaring War usually results in some sort of backlash. If this kills my son, who will I blame?

8.     If we are at War with ISIS, then surely we will have to have ground forces in Syria at some stage? I can see no way this will not work, given the number of armies in Syria, all with different objectives.

 9.     Syria is a political mess, if we destroy ISIS Syria will still be at war, how can we stop this.

10.    We can’t stop people doing dreadful things in the name of their cause, however my view is the ‘fighting for peace is like f***ing for Virginity’. We should recognise the reasons why they have these views, sort out the valid reasons (in our opinion) however damaging to us and do something about it. We should argue against the other views

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