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Stuart MacDonald
Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Witney
Stuart Macdonald is a local candidate, having lived in Witney for nearly 20 years. He is married with four children, two of whom live in Witney. He works as a professor in a management school, trying to persuade students and colleagues that society requires more than cut-throat competition.  He is standing in the election because he believes the country desperately needs radical change. Massive inequality deprives most people of choice. There is nowhere better to say this than in David Cameron's own constituency, where the inequality is huge - and ignored.  Read Stuart's full profile in our main Elections 2015 page
Alma Tumilowicz
Alvescot & Filkins
Born in Shrewsbury, Alma spent the early part of her life in Manchester, trained to teach in Hertfordshire then was based back In Manchester while working around the UK in broadcast TV and finally settling in West Oxfordshire in 1991 to raise a family. Living in a rural area, Alma was shocked to see village schools and public transport so poorly funded and as a result her thinking turned towards green issues and the environment. While in Oxfordshire Alma has worked as a Home Tutor and is currently studying on a TESOL course. Her main goal if elected would be to work towards equality of opportunities and access to services.
Alma Tumilowicz
Celia Kerslake
Charlbury & Finstock
Celia has lived in Charlbury since 2003, and has known the area for much longer, since her parents came to Fawler in 1977. She lived in Witney from 1988 to 1993 and Middle Barton from 1993 to 2003. She has recently retired from an academic career in Turkish studies, of which the greater part was spent at St Antony’s College, Oxford. She believes that the global village in which we now live can only survive through the kind of radical rethinking of social and political values that the Green Party stands for. 
Brigitte Hickman
Andy Wright
Hailey, Minster Lovell & Leafield
Andy moved to the area over 2 years ago to be near his grandchildren and have renovated a small property. His wife and him gave up work 5 years ago to do voluntary work in Africa and then travel. He has a degree in Mathematics, an M.Sc in Operational Research and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Development Studies. He worked in Sales and Marketing for major IT companies for over 30 years. His grandchildren are the reason he joined the Green Party as he is deeply concerned at the impact our current lifestyles will have on the world we leave to them and their children; especially the erosion of rural lifestyles and values.
Andy Wright
Kate is standing as district councillor for Witney East, where she lives. She is a Green Party member because she believes it's wrong for huge corporations to get away without paying their taxes while ordinary people suffer the coalition's austerity measures. As part of Witney First, Kate was heavily involved in fighting the Cogges Link Road. She reported every day from the Cogges Link Road inquiry and her reports are still the only publicly available daily record of what happened. 
Kate Griffin
Witney East
Kate Griffin
Stuart MacDonald

Promoted on behalf of the West Oxfordshire Green Party, The Old House, 9 West End, Witney OX28 1NG
Rosie Pearson
Witney West
Rosie has lived in Oxfordshire since 1997. She grew up in Sussex, studied at Oxford University, and has worked in PR, journalism, education, philanthropy and the arts. She lived in Western Kenya for a year, and in Jamaica between 1988 and 1997. Since 1998, she has lived with her two daughters at Asthall Manor, near Burford, and attempts to justify the large footprint of the house by filling it with life-enhancing events, including the celebrated exhibition of sculpture in stone, on form. 
Andy King
Watch Stuart being interviewed in our YouTube channel
Maurice has resided in the UK for 34 years and lived in Oxfordshire since 1996. He is originally from Italy, but spent his youth in South America where in his teens he travelled widely as a volunteer for the WWF, reaching into the depths of the Amazon jungle at the age of 15. His passion for the environment has remained a constant source of inspiration throughout his life. 
Maurice Fantato
Bampton and Clanfield 
Paul has lived and worked in West Oxfordshire for 17 years and has wide experience and a range of skills he can bring to the District Councillor role. He is an Occupational Psychologist and statistician running his own consultancy business, working with a range of private sector companies, government departments and international development agencies. He has worked in industry, as a University lecturer, as a civil servant in the Cabinet Office and as an Occupational Psychologist. 
Paul Creighton
Carterton North East
Rosie has been a member of the Green Party for ten years. An optimist by nature, she believes that human beings are capable of finding a more generous and harmonious way to live on the earth than that which is currently considered normal. She is inspired by a vision of a future which is not only cleaner and fairer, but also happier, less stressful, and more creative.
Andy King
Carterton North West​
After a fun but wholly unrenumerative career as a wannabe rock star, I now work part-time as a medieval historian for Southampton University. I live in Witney with my partner, Claire, who works at the Oxford English Dictionary, and I have two children. I am standing for the Green Party because I believe our policies offer some hope for a fair and sustainable lifestyle, with an economy run for the benefit of all rather than for the privileged few. I fear that the savage cutting of local government services will degrade the quality of life in Witney, and these cuts must be opposed."
Alex joined the Green Party a few months ago seeking a fairer society, one in which people live having regard for the natural environment and for each other. He believes we need a radical change from 'business as usual' of the three main parties. They are all obsessed with the idea of constant 'growth' which has shown itself to be unsustainable and is leading us into a self-destructive cul-de-sac. He likes the emphasis that the Greens place on the environment, animal welfare, and sharing of resources. 
Alex Friend
​Witney South
Richard Averill
Chipping Norton
Karl Gay
Eynsham & Cassington
Karl has been an Oxfordshire resident for almost 30 years, initially whilst serving at Brize Norton. After leaving the RAF in 1991, he settled and raised a family in Witney and firmly regards Oxfordshire as his home. In 2013 Karl completed a BA (Hons) in Sociology, Politics and Economics at Ruskin College, Oxford. He admits that the particular brand of Social and Political awareness promoted at Ruskin had a profound affect on his desire to speak out against the inequalities that prevail in our society and fight for those denied an equal chance.  
Nicholas Goodwin
Kingham,Rollright & Enstone
Jenny Guildford
Witney Central (DC) & Witney East (Town Council)
Brigitte Hickman
​Witney North
Brigitte Hickman is a teacher in West Oxon working with secondary school pupils on a one-to-one basis. She has lived in Witney with her husband and two children for the past 22 years. Brigitte moved to Witney because it was a town with all the facilities her family needed which could be easily accessed on foot and by bike. She is a Bikeability trainer helping adults and children to cycle, and she also works for Wheels for All giving disabled children the opportunity to cycle. 
Harriet Kopinska
Stonesfield & Tackley
Nick Owen
Bampton and West Witney -  County Council elections 
Nicholas has lived in the area for fifteen years and has been a member of the Green Party for twenty. One daughter lives in Eynsham, the other is at university. He works as a computer programmer for Oxford University and teaches at Abingdon & Witney College. He is encouraged to see an ever-increasing number of green initiatives locally and hopes to support them as a Councillor. “Our quality of life and our children’s futures depend on making the right decisions over the next few years”.
Jenny has lived in Oxfordshire for eight years, having moved to Oxford in 2007 to complete an MA in Publishing at Oxford Brookes University following a BA (Hons) in History of Art and Architecture at the University of Reading. She has worked in both trade and academic publishing for ten years in Oxford and London. She is a member of the Sustainable Witney committee and contributes to their online blog with lifestyle-related features. Jenny has lived in Witney for the past two and a half years.
As a trainer in home composting, a tutor of environmental issues and a mother of two children, Harriet is keenly aware of the pressures on our limited resources and is very concerned about the future for the next generation. She is standing in the election to enable the residents of Stonesfield and Tackley have an opportunity to show their support for green issues so that the big parties realise they need to move environmental issues up the political agenda. 
Originally from Bromsgrove, Nick has had a talent for writing since the age of seven.  He studied Psychology and Philosophy at Keele University, qualifying and working as a teacher, but his aim was always towards working as a counsellor and psychotherapist. At thirty, he became one of the first graduates of the Institute of Psychotherapy and Counselling in Westminster.  After ten years working for Social Services Departments, The National Health Service, and in private practice, Nick became a director of The Oxford School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, at the age of forty. 
Richard spent forty five years In the computer industry, doing design, management and consultancy. He retired four years ago. Now living in Chipping Norton doing a lot of voluntary work for Transition Chipping Norton, conservation work, planting lots of trees, and working on the Chipping Norton News. He joined the Green Party recently as no other party addresses the urgent issues facing humanity and the biosphere.
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​Jenny is passionate about the environment and sustainable living. She likes to lead by example in this respect and is keen to make a difference to her local community through the work that she does with the Green Party. She believes that the Green Party has the opportunity to make a real difference to real people's lives through more equality, better transport links and fairer deals for all.
He currently lives in Bampton where he has actively campaigned for more integrated and affordable transport links.In 2010 he organised and delivered a petition to David Cameron on safer rural roads and better environment and he subsequently co-founded the Witney Oxford Transport Group. He is a trustee of two charities, one on education and another on poverty relief, as well as an active Fellow of two chartered institutions. He works as an online communications specialist for a government agency. Follow his blog here.
He was also a consultant to the BBC on psychological matters and has taught humanistic psychology, groupwork, counselling and psychotherapy for many Colleges and Universities, both nationally and internationally.
At the age of 50 he refocussed on poetry, and concentrated on photographing West Oxfordshire, an area of outstanding natural beauty as well as setting up "The Oxford Prenatal and Perinatal Education Research and Awareness Trust”.  Nick is married with two exceptionally gifted daughters, 32 and 22, and two fine step-sons, 21 and 16. He lives in Witney, in Oxfordshire
He has his feet on the ground, raising his 3 children and cultivating his allotment. Paul has campaigned on a number of local issues including improving transport, housing planning and the protecting community pubs.
She is chair of Sustainable Witney, a local environmental group promoting a practical sustainable lifestyle and is very happy to be part of the 'green surge'.
Tony Barrett
Carterton South
As a retired bus driver living in Carterton I have driven local buses for many years and am now very concerned about preserving services to those people and communities that rely on it,especially the elderly and disabled. The environmental impact of the private car has to be addressed urgently,particularly in view of the development planned for the county. A county wide integrated, affordable transport has to be a priority.
If elected to the district council, she would continue to speak up for people living in Witney East. She is a supporter of Witney Area Fair Trade Group and one of the large team of volunteers at Cogges Farm. Kate is a graduate of Oxford University.
If elected she would work hard to ensure that every issue that comes to the County Council is considered in terms of the wellbeing of the community as a whole.
Alex has been active in his workplace as UNISON branch rep and his experience there has shown hiw how concerted action can bring about positive change for both staff and the organisation as a whole. His hobbies are reading, cycling, swimming, music.
Harriet has lived in West Oxfordshire for ten years and is especially concerned with supporting local businesses in the area and promoting nature conservation. On spring evenings you will find her patrolling the road through her village to help migrating toads cross the road safely.
Karl is also particularly concerned about our unending reliance on fossil fuels and is passionate about our need to seek workable solutions that relate to the way we live our daily lives. An integrated public transport system that actually provided a means of leaving the car at home would be a prime example. Now living in Eynsham, he relishes the idea of being able to make even just a small difference in his community and work towards a sustainable future for his children and their children.