Message from Stuart Macdonald 
2015 local parliamentary candidate

I am Stuart Macdonald, your local Green candidate.  I am a professor of management and have lived in Witney for over twenty years. Back in the 2010 General Elections I stood against David Cameron and then again recently in May 2015.

There has been a huge surge in Green party membership in West Oxfordshire and we fought a ferocious campaign with the world’s attention focused on Witney.  If elected my aim would have been to ensure that everyone saw the local Green party as a real alternative to Witney’s tired political establishment.

The interests of the Green party extend well beyond our traditional environmental concerns. The Greens offer a full political programme with policies on all issues. We are the only party to provide the radical alternatives the country so desperately needs. Caroline Lucas, the first Green MP, has shown just how effective presentation of Green arguments can be. Remember, in 2010, in Witney, David Cameron promised the greenest government ever we were the only party to take him to task.

In the lead up to the election, we staged a series of public meetings on such issues as food banks, flooding, housing, public transport, public goods, infrastructure and social mobility.  The first of these was held in Witney in late November 2014 when we and asked how a local man, Mark Wood, could starve to death in the one of the wealthiest parts of England. 

Austerity is a cruel and expensive means of achieving the Conservative aim of small government; it simply helps the rich to get richer but isn't the best way to ensure everyone is better off.

Thanking all my 2970 voters in the Witney constituency!

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