The local members have elected Larry Sanders as their Westminster Constituency representative for the forthcoming by-elections.  For background information on Larry please visit the Oxfordshire Green party page here

Ten of the best reasons to vote Green:

Tackling Climate Change: Only the Green Party has the policies and foresight to increase energy efficiency, support renewable energy and cut greenhouse gas emissions quickly, efficiently and to create more jobs in the Green economy;

Equality and social justice: Fair taxation, empowered local government and a properly funded NHS are all possible for the UK, as our costed General Election manifesto of 2015 demonstrated;

Peace in our time: British involvement in wars and the supply of arms to dictatorships and to those in conflict has contributed significantly to suffering and long-term conflicts in the world, including in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. Greens support an end to arms sales and negotiated, peaceful resolution of conflicts. Our defence budget is also crippled by a £207 bn commitment to the Trident nuclear weapons system, which we would cancel;

Housing for everyone: The UK’s one million empty homes should be put into use. The thousands of long-term empty shopfronts, offices, derelict industrial buildings and sites can all be used for housing. Car parks can have apartments above surface level to meet local housing need. Social and key worker housing needs should be the priorities in this effort;

Environmental protection and a sustainable countryside. Agriculture, biodiversity enhancement, food, farming, forestry and tourism are all examples of rural employment for the future. Greens recognise that importing more of the food we eat each year is unsustainable as the global population grows. Greens recognise that importing most of the wood we use cannot continue as the countries we import from are heading rapidly to complete depletion of their forest cover.

Transport for all: Walking, cycling, buses and trains all need more investment to counter growing traffic congestion on our roads, and to put an end to air pollution. 

Rebuilding local government: Cuts in local government instead of a fair and imaginative tax system meant none of our local services are adequate for a rich, industrialised country. We must add new council tax bands at the top of the scale. In the future, we need Land Value Taxation to help support the revival of local bus services, children’s centres, to invest in our libraries, rebuild Adult Social Care for the elderly and the vulnerable and to create a planning system that is staffed, effective and protects all our interests;

Cooperatives: The Green Party strongly supports a new emphasis on cooperatives to increase local business activity in more places.

Renationalisation: Privatisation has failed to meet our needs. Our rail services are too expensive; our water industry does not take enough care of drainage, flood protection or long-term water needs; our Post Offices have declined and communities have felt their loss; the national grid and the larger energy providers have consistently failed to create the kind of safer energy systems we need for the future. The £26 billion spent in the UK each year subsidising fossil fuels is an example of one source of funding to renationalise failed privatised industries;

Human rights, democracy and internationalism: The Green Party believes you have rights and responsibilities which the Government should protect instead of constantly taking them away and threatening to take even more rights in the future. We want proportional representation, membership of the European Economic Area as the best possible deal for the UK after Brexit and a revival of international development spending.

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This page was last updated: October 3, 2016
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