Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group(OCCG) has plans to close all nine of Oxfordshire's Community Hospitals. The plans were originally released in the papers for its meeting on 29 September. Discussions with people in the know indicate that these are firm proposals and likely to ahead. The proposal discusses replacing the nine hospitals with a vague and untested idea of 4 hubs to focus on rehabilitation. These would be located at the Horton, the John Radcliffe, and two more somewhere in West and North Oxfordshire. The underlying context is the requirement on the OCCG to find £200 million savings by 2020-21. To meet that goal there will have to be massive cuts at every level. 

The UK spends about 30% less on Health Care than comparable European countries. This enormous shortfall has been created as part of the austerity project which has shifted tens of billions of pounds from the general population to the very rich. The Green Party proposes to add £20 billion to the NHS budget over the next four years which will do away with the need for any cuts. The Conservatives are driving them and large-scale privatisation. The Labour Party created the structure for privatisation and has committed itself to maintaining the current level of funding, which would mean enormous cuts. Jeremy Corbyn has supported the Green Party Bill to end privatisation, but is backed by only a few of his MPs. The Lib Dems have begun discussion of increased taxation to do away with a good deal of the cuts. We hope they adopt that policy.

At this time only a vote for the Greens is a vote to save our Community Hospitals, our GP surgeries and the rest of our struggling Oxfordshire NHS.

A large vote for Larry Sanders would be a political bombshell and would make people aware of what is at stake. An awakened populace would save the NHS, Social Care and create a fairer Britain.
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This page was last updated: October 11, 2016
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