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Promoted on behalf of the West Oxfordshire Green Party, The Old House, 9 West End, Witney OX28 1NG
Mini manifesto 2015
The official page of the West Oxfordshire Green Party
The Branch was formally established in 2016/2017 but had been active for many years before that. West Oxon Green Party is a subsidiary branch of the Oxfordshire Green Party and the Green Party of England and Wales. The Branch has grown to almost 200 members plus almost 500 supporters in 27 different wards around the District. 

We are always looking for new supporters and potential members to join in our activities to address the issues of our time. Local action to solve local, national and global issues: 

  • Climate change
  • Housing
  • Transport 
  • Environmental pollution
  • Loss of bio-diversity
  • Social inequity
  • Local and national services

The present emergency created by the Covid-19 pandemic has not reduced the need to take urgent and radical actions to address the causes of the climate change crisis. If not tackled now the impact of climate change will be much more severe and long lasting than the coronavirus epidemic.
What the governmental responses to the emergency around the world have demonstrated is that the policies of the Green Party are eminently practical and would not only ensure a radical response to the climate crisis but also tackle social inequities and put us in a better place to address any future emergencies such as the present pandemic. 

Join us in our fight for a fairer, more sustainable future!